Halubian Bell Ringers

Cijena: 10,00 €

We are taught basic literary education, but what the Rijeka writer Tatjana Udović teaches us is—learning from the heart. In the children’s story Halubajski zvončari / Halubian Bell Ringers, the heart follows the rhythm of joy in the time of masquerade which has its roots in her home coastal region and the Chakavian dialect. The story is told in a family setting from generation to generation, heralded by the traditional blowing of the horn in honour of St Anthony that it is the time of the Feast and masquerade atmosphere.
Children from our coastal region will easily adopt this heartfelt and original story, while children from other places will learn something new from the story which carries the beauty and love of the homeland that the author has given us from the radiance of her heart. The story of the Halubian Bell Ringers is just one in a string of gems that the author Tatjana Udović gives us with her love for her Halubaj region.
It is worth collecting her gems to adorn the reader who collects traditional treasures.
Reviewer: Tatjana Jedriško – Pančelat